List Of 20 Research Paper Titles On Political Science


If you’re about to write a research paper and haven’t selected a topic yet, then I suggest that you should choose a topic from the field of Political Science because to me it is one of the most interesting and subject to study and write on because of its rich history and the ever-changing political landscape. However, it may not be as easy as you think because you still need to find a topic that interests you and you have easy access to resources and information. If you’re still wondering where to find topics, then you should look no more because I will be telling you about 20 great research papers topics on political science from my paper writer.

The List of Topics

Without further delay let’s have a look at the topics:

  1. History and Development of Political Science as a subject
  2. Political Ideologies such as Imperialism, Socialism, Communism, Democracy, Dictatorship
  3. Gender and Politics
  4. Religion and Policy, like Islamic Politics
  5. Politics and Racism
  6. International Relations
  7. International and Transnational laws such Laws of War and Maritime Laws
  8. Hard Influence and Soft Influence and the Balance of Power
  9. Analysis of Foreign Policy
  10. Communism Vs. Capitalism
  11. Colonialism Vs. Imperialism
  12. Democracy and it’s origin dating back to Ancient Greece and the State of Madinah
  13. Nationalism and World Conflict such as the two great wars and the cold war
  14. Neo-classic Liberals Vs. Classic Liberals
  15. Urban and Rural Politics
  16. Foundation and Roots of American Political System
  17. Game Theory
  18. Ideal Vs. Realist Politicians like Churchill and Clemence
  19. Western Bloc and the Soviet Bloc, the Iron Curtain Speech by Churchill
  20. Military Politics and the Role of Military in influencing political decisions


As you can see that I have compiled a list of best 20 topics to write your research paper on if you have selected the subject of political science. All these topics are fairly easy to write, and you can find tons of information on each of them pretty easily. There are several other topics omitted from the list, and they are equally as good but for now enjoy these 20 topics. Each one of these topics is sure to generate your interest in Political Science and after writing this, you will become better at understanding the complex problems faced by our Modern Politicians.

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