Interesting ideas on how to create a winning academic essay

To write a good essay you need to have some imagination and you need to be able to juggle with words. To write a great one, a winning academic essay, well, that is another story. The only thing a regular essay and a great one have in common is that they have to be written, but other than that, you will see that you have to put in a lot more work into the second one. Do not panic though, I am here to show you a few quick tips you can follow in order to do it properly.

  1. The topic.
  2. This is what we start with, so take some extra time at this step. After you know that you are ready to work, and you have your batteries up and working, you can start thinking about this particular part. Because the paper will take shape around this one idea, you will have to choose it very carefully. Try to look at some things that you are passionate about, because it will reflect in the essay, but try to make it look new, if you know what I mean. Try to find a new perspective, something that hasn’t been presented before, something that will make your paper stand out from the others from the start. For example, if we are talking about psychology, social behavior is a used subject, but social behavior in times of food shortage is not something that has been widely discussed, although those times may come.

  3. Research.
  4. Researching extensively on that particular subject is a must and if you want to do it properly, make sure that you check on multiple sources. Most people have the tendency to stop at the first thing that seems “convenient”. Don’t be the guy that stops at the first source, go and check in libraries, check online, maybe ask a couple a friends or even your teacher, who knows. Just make sure that you gather enough data about that particular subject, even if it’s a book or a concept or a car or whatever that you have something new to present in the paper.

  5. Writing.
  6. This is by far one of the most important steps, simply because there is a big disappointment on a person’s face that is specific for when they see a good idea being written very poorly. Make sure that you use formal language and you use the words needed to reflect every piece of information you have found so far.

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