Choosing 8-Page Research Paper Topics: Helpful Advice

The first step to start working on a short 8-page research paper is to pick the topic you will focus on. In this post, we provide some interesting topics which may be what you have been looking for in order to start your research paper.

  1. The positive consequences of going on a fitness routine. Nowadays, we live quite sedentary lives. The importance of being fit is more concerning than before. Therefore, there is a rising trend that focuses on taking care of the body. Low-cost gym have become more popular in the past few years. Do you think that this cult of the body is positive?
  2. How do athletes perform in high schools nowadays. Athletes have more support since school nowadays. How has their situations changed in the past decades and how does it enhance their performance? Study the possible benefits of the current programmes which support athletes.
  3. The importance of dealing with global warming. As more countries develop their industries, carbon emissions rise worldwide. What are the governments doing in order to deal with this situation? Research about the current measures to reduce the pollution levels.
  4. Current most threatened countries by terrorism. Nowadays, terrorism is a menace in some countries in Occident. What is the current situation at this moment?
  5. The responsibility of parents when children break laws. Do you think that parents should be responsible of their children misbehaviour? In some countries, there are consequences when teenagers break the law. Research the current legislation in this regard.
  6. Journalists in conflict zones risk their lives for the truth. Do you believe that telling the truth is worth a life? Journalists who cover conflicts risk their lives every day. Review the current situation on this issue.
  7. Should women be allowed in the clergy? For some reasons, women are not allowed to be in charge of the same responsibilities in religious institutions. Isn’t this measure outdated according to out current social situation?
  8. What are the current tendencies regarding cybercrime? There is no doubt that cybercrime has increased in the past few years. What are the most effective safety measures which we can take in order to avoid getting robbed online? Research the current tendencies in cyber-security.
  9. Why isn’t gay marriage allowed in more countries? Nowadays, same-sex marriage is not legally allowed in most countries. What are the expectancies in this regard for the following years?

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