20 Catchy Research Paper Topics In Modern World History

History is probably one of the most contradictory disciplines, yet one of the most interesting ones as well. At first sight, it’s just the study of the past based on some facts and some obscure archaeological findings. However, the truth is that “history” itself is an immensely deep and complicated term for a big number of various research areas such as historiography, military history, history of religion, social history, cultural history, diplomatic history and others.

Of all these fields of study, world history is perhaps the vastest one as it examines history from a global perspective. It focuses on major civilizations, their integration and differences, and it may include certain aspects from all of the above-mentioned disciplines. Being an academic discipline, world history helps the students understand the connection between certain events and develop critical thinking.

What Is Special About Modern World History?

In short, it’s a study of history from the late 1700s to this very day. On one hand, it focuses on a relatively short and recent period of time and seems to be easier to comprehend. On the other hand, it seems to be overloaded with so many plots, wars, rebellions and revolutions that it makes a big number of students fear it.

One of the things many learners dread is writing a research paper in world history, especially if they have to pick a topic themselves. If this is the case, here is the list of some catchy research paper topics from Myhomeworkdeone.com that may come in handy:

  1. The motifs of totalitarian countries and societies in the 20th century.
  2. Human rights evolution in modern history.
  3. Human rights violations in modern history.
  4. Alternate history: if the South had won the American Civil War.
  5. Genocide in modern history.
  6. The most important events in modern world history.
  7. The Cold War: causes and consequences.
  8. Military alliances in the 20th century.
  9. Similarities and differences of WWI and WWII.
  10. The history of women’s rights.
  11. The causes and consequences of the Great Depression.
  12. The greatest medical discoveries in modern history.
  13. The Roosevelt era leadership effectiveness of Theodore Roosevelt.
  14. The history of China in 1912-1949.
  15. The history of modern art.
  16. Communism vs. fascism: a comparative study.
  17. The failures of communism and socialism.
  18. The industrial revolution: causes and consequences.
  19. Alternate history: what Europe would be without the French Revolution.
  20. The worst mistakes in modern history.

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